Connecting Rod Toyota Starlet 1.3L 3EF


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The Connecting Rod for Toyota Starlet 1.3L 3EF enhances your engine’s performance and efficiency. Made of durable materials, it withstands high temperatures and pressure. Its dimensions, including a 138mm length and 48mm big end diameter, offer perfect fit and alignment. Custom sizes are available on request, offering flexibility for various engine requirements.

Connecting Rod Toyota Starlet 1.3L 3EF

The Connecting Rod for Toyota Starlet 1.3L 3EF is a vital engine component, masterfully designed to withstand high pressure and heat. Crafted from durable material, it ensures optimal performance, contributing to the overall efficiency and longevity of your engine.


Dimension Measurement
Length 138 mm
Big End Diameter 48 mm
Small End Diameter 22 mm
Big End Width 25 mm
Small End Width 22 mm

(Note: Custom sizes are available on request)

Connecting Rod Toyota Starlet 1.3L 3EF drawing


  1. Optimal Length: Measuring at 138mm, this connecting rod fits perfectly with the Toyota Starlet 1.3L 3EF.
  2. Robust Big End Diameter: A sizable 48mm big end diameter allows for sturdy and reliable engine performance.
  3. Precise Small End Diameter: The 22mm small end diameter ensures precision for optimal performance.
  4. Big End Width: The 25mm big end width offers a sturdy base for the connecting rod.
  5. Small End Width: The small end width of 22mm ensures perfect alignment and fit.
  6. Heat Resistant: Crafted to withstand high temperatures, ensuring durability.
  7. High Pressure Tolerance: Capable of enduring high pressure, providing consistent performance.
  8. Customizable Dimensions: This product can be tailored to your engine’s specific requirements.
  9. High-Quality Material: Made of durable materials for longevity and reliability.
  10. Efficiency Booster: Helps to enhance the overall efficiency of your engine.
  11. Performance Enhancer: Improves the performance of your car by ensuring the smooth functioning of the engine.
  12. Robust Design: The design is geared towards handling the toughest of conditions.
  13. Compatibility: Specifically designed for Toyota Starlet 1.3L 3EF.
  14. Easy Installation: Designed for easy installation without the need for specialized tools.
  15. Superior Craftsmanship: Manufactured with high precision for a perfect fit.
  16. Balanced for Performance: Precision balanced for smoother and more efficient operation.
  17. Corrosion Resistant: Made from a material that resists corrosion and ensures longer life.
  18. Reduced Vibration: Designed to minimize engine vibration, enhancing user comfort.
  19. Increased Power Output: Helps in improving the power output of your engine.
  20. Eco-friendly: Crafted in an environmentally-friendly process, reducing the product’s carbon footprint.


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