Connecting Rod Toyota 2.0L 3SGTE HD Series


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The Connecting Rod for Toyota 2.0L 3SGTE HD Series is a high-performance part crafted from a robust alloy. This rod, offering excellent durability and heat resistance, ensures smooth piston movement in your engine. Its custom dimensions and precision engineering meet the strictest manufacturing standards. Designed to balance efficiency and longevity, it’s the optimal choice for demanding driving conditions.

Connecting Rod Toyota 2.0L 3SGTE HD Series

The Connecting Rod for the Toyota 2.0L 3SGTE HD Series is precision-engineered for unparalleled performance. This critical component is crafted from high-strength alloy, ensuring superior durability and longevity in your engine.


Feature Measurement
Length 138 mm
Big End Diameter 55 mm
Small End Diameter 22 mm
Big End Width 26 mm
Small End Width 22 mm
Bolt Size M9x1.0 mm

Note: Custom dimensions are available upon request.

Connecting Rod Toyota 2.0L 3SGTE HD Series drawing


  1. Precision Engineered: Meets stringent manufacturing standards for optimum performance.
  2. High-Strength Alloy Construction: Ensures longevity and durability.
  3. Heat-Treated Finish: Enhances resistance to high temperatures.
  4. Dimensionally Stable: Maintains shape and size under extreme pressures.
  5. Custom Dimensions Available: Tailored to your unique engine specifications.
  6. Optimized Weight: Balances durability with engine efficiency.
  7. Superior Bearing Surface: Reduces friction and wear.
  8. Enhanced Oil Clearance: Ensures consistent lubrication.
  9. Accurate Alignment: Promotes smooth piston movement.
  10. Robust Bolt Design: Withstands high torque applications.
  11. Machined Wrist Pin Bores: For precise fitment.
  12. Stress Relieved: For increased durability under high RPM.
  13. Shot Peened: Improves fatigue strength.
  14. Aerospace Grade Bolts: Guarantees exceptional clamping force.
  15. Ideal for High-Performance Engines: Withstands demanding driving conditions.
  16. Smooth Surface Finish: Minimizes friction and heat buildup.
  17. Nitride Hardened: Enhances wear resistance.
  18. Precision Balanced: For vibration-free operation.
  19. Corrosion Resistant: Withstands harsh engine environments.
  20. Rigorous Quality Control: Each rod is inspected for utmost quality assurance.


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