Connecting Rod Toyota 1.6L 4AG 122×18


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The Connecting Rod for Toyota 1.6L 4AG 122×18, crafted from high-grade steel, is designed for durability and precision. At 122mm long and 18mm in diameter, it’s perfect for heavy-duty use in Toyota’s 1.6L 4AG engines. The rod optimizes engine performance, reduces vibrations, and can even be customized in size to suit specific requirements.

Connecting Rod Toyota 1.6L 4AG 122×18

The Connecting Rod for Toyota 1.6L 4AG 122×18 is a high-quality, durable component tailored to enhance the performance of your Toyota engine. Constructed with precision engineering, this rod is designed to withstand heavy-duty use and ensure the longevity of your engine.


Specification Value
Overall Length 122mm
Rod Diameter 18mm
Material Composition High-grade steel
Compatible Engines Toyota 1.6L 4AG
Customizable Size Yes

Connecting Rod Toyota 1.6L 4AG 122×18 drawing


  1. High Precision Engineering: Built with exact measurements for seamless fit in Toyota 1.6L 4AG engine.
  2. Superior Durability: The use of high-grade steel ensures long-lasting performance.
  3. Customizable Size: Accommodates user needs with optional size customization.
  4. High Tolerance: Withstands heavy-duty use without compromising functionality.
  5. Efficient Performance: Facilitates smooth engine operation and enhances efficiency.
  6. Robust Construction: The 122mm length and 18mm diameter provides solid robustness.
  7. Optimized Design: Designed to reduce friction and wear in engine components.
  8. Easy Installation: Precise fit ensures easy installation in your Toyota engine.
  9. Reduced Vibrations: Minimizes engine vibrations for smoother operation.
  10. Excellent Heat Resistance: Stands up to high temperatures in high-performance settings.
  11. Precision Machined: Ensures high level of dimensional accuracy for a perfect fit.
  12. Increased Horsepower: Contributes to the overall horsepower of the engine.
  13. Lightweight: Optimized for weight without compromising strength.
  14. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Its design leads to improved fuel consumption rates.
  15. Advanced Technology: Manufactured with cutting-edge technologies for optimum performance.
  16. Sustainable: Made with materials that contribute to overall engine sustainability.
  17. Improved Engine Life: Enhances the longevity of your Toyota 1.6L 4AG engine.
  18. Reliability: Offers reliable operation in diverse conditions.
  19. Cost-Effective: Saves money in the long run due to less engine wear and tear.
  20. Quality Assurance: Passes rigorous quality tests to meet or exceed industry standards.


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