Connecting Rod Toyota Supra 2JZ (Pro Series)


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The Pro Series Connecting Rod for Toyota Supra 2JZ is a high-performance engine component. Made from 4340 aerospace-grade steel, it offers remarkable strength and reliability. This rod fits perfectly with Toyota’s 2JZ engine and is ideal for high horsepower scenarios. The dimension is customizable and standard size is a 5.590” center-to-center length.

Connecting Rod Toyota Supra 2JZ (Pro Series)

The Connecting Rod for Toyota Supra 2JZ (Pro Series) is a high-performance component, specially designed for Toyota’s iconic 2JZ engine. Manufactured from aerospace-grade 4340 steel, this rod ensures excellent strength and reliability, making it ideal for high horsepower applications.


Aspect Detail
Material 4340 Aerospace-grade Steel
Engine Compatibility Toyota Supra 2JZ
Dimensions Customizable, Standard size: 5.590” center-to-center length
Weight Average 590 grams
Fasteners 3/8” ARP 2000 bolts

Connecting Rod Toyota Supra 2JZ (Pro Series) drawing


  1. Precision Manufacturing: Provides fitment accuracy down to the micron level.
  2. Superior Material: Crafted from 4340 aerospace-grade steel for unmatched strength.
  3. Engine Compatibility: Exclusively designed for the Toyota Supra 2JZ engine.
  4. Customizable Dimensions: Offers flexibility in fitting various engine builds.
  5. Lightweight: Weighs an average of 590 grams, promoting enhanced engine efficiency.
  6. Optimized Length: Standard size of 5.590” center-to-center length for optimum performance.
  7. Durable Fasteners: Incorporates 3/8” ARP 2000 bolts, ensuring secure assembly.
  8. High Horsepower Endurance: Designed to withstand demanding power levels.
  9. Heat Treatment: Undergoes rigorous heat treatment for enhanced resistance to wear.
  10. Precision Oil Clearances: Ensures optimal lubrication.
  11. Shot Peened for Strength: Increases fatigue life.
  12. Silicon Bronze Bushings: For full-floating pins.
  13. Balanced Set: Provides stability and ensures smooth engine operation.
  14. High Tensile Strength: Offers superior resistance to stretching and breaking.
  15. Corrosion Resistant: Ensures longer product lifespan.
  16. Aerospace-Grade Material: Guarantees maximum strength and durability.
  17. Structural Integrity: Resists cracking under high-pressure environments.
  18. High-Quality Machining: Ensures seamless installation and maintenance.
  19. Performance Enhancing: Designed to boost overall engine performance.
  20. Optimized for Racing: Built to withstand extreme racing conditions.


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