Crankshaft BMW 3.2L M3 S50B32 (E36)


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The FEDA Crankshaft for BMW 3.2L M3 S50B32 (E36) combines high-quality materials with precision engineering. Customizable to your needs, it increases engine power, reduces vibration, and enhances fuel efficiency. Robust construction ensures longevity and superior performance.

Crankshaft BMW 3.2L M3 S50B32 (E36)

Experience superior power with FEDA’s Crankshaft for BMW 3.2L M3 S50B32 (E36). Meticulously crafted to perfection, this crankshaft promises optimal performance and longevity, serving as the heart of your engine’s bottom end.


Parameter Details
Material Forged / Billet Crankshaft
Engine Code S50B32
Application BMW 3.2L M3 (E36)
Dimensions Customizable as per requirements
Brand FEDA

Crankshaft BMW 3.2L M3 S50B32 (E36) drawing


  1. High-Quality Materials: Crafted from forged or billet crankshaft, offering durability and strength.
  2. Precision Machining: Ensures tight tolerances for accurate performance.
  3. Tailored Fit: Customizable dimensions cater to diverse needs.
  4. Improved Performance: Enhances engine power and efficiency.
  5. Robust Construction: Guarantees longevity even under harsh conditions.
  6. Designed for S50B32: Specifically tailored for BMW 3.2L M3 (E36).
  7. Brand Reliability: Manufactured by FEDA, a trusted name in automotive components.
  8. Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward assembly.
  9. Boosted Torque: Noticeably improves engine torque.
  10. Optimized Balance: Reduces vibration for a smoother ride.
  11. Heat Resistant: Excellent resistance to high operating temperatures.
  12. Increased Fuel Efficiency: Optimized design aids in fuel economy.
  13. Lower Emission: Promotes cleaner exhaust emission.
  14. Compact Design: Fits perfectly in the engine compartment.
  15. Corrosion-Resistant: Resists oxidation for prolonged life.
  16. Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep due to robust construction.
  17. Noise Reduction: Decreases engine noise for a quieter ride.
  18. Performance Enhancement: Designed to increase horsepower output.
  19. Cost-Effective: Offers a balance of high performance and affordability.
  20. Professional Support: FEDA’s professional customer service for any product-related inquiries.

Each feature speaks to FEDA’s commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction, ensuring your BMW 3.2L M3 (E36) engine performs to its maximum potential.


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