Crankshaft Honda B18/B20


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The Crankshaft Honda B18/B20 is a high-performance component, made from durable forged steel. Designed specifically for B18/B20 engines, it offers superior strength and enhanced efficiency. This crankshaft ensures smoother operation, less vibration, and increases torque, promoting overall improved engine performance.

Crankshaft Honda B18/B20

This Crankshaft is designed for Honda B18/B20 engines, crafted from high-quality forged steel. It offers superior strength and durability, enhanced with precision machining to meet the strictest tolerances. This crankshaft contributes to smoother operation and improved engine performance.


Item Specification
Engine Code B18/B20
Material Forged Steel
Length 500mm
Main Journal 55mm
Rod Journal 45mm
Stroke 77.4mm / 84mm
Weight 15kg
Customizable Yes

Crankshaft Honda B18/B20 drawing


  1. Optimized Design: Tailored specifically for B18/B20 engines, providing a perfect fit and improved performance.
  2. High-Quality Material: Forged from steel for ultimate strength and durability.
  3. Precise Machining: Ensures strict tolerances are met for smoother operation.
  4. Improved Performance: Enhances engine power and efficiency.
  5. Durable Construction: Built to last, reducing the need for replacements.
  6. Customizable Dimensions: Can be modified to fit specific engine needs.
  7. Smooth Operation: Reduces vibration and engine noise.
  8. Superior Strength: Resists cracking and breaking, ensuring longevity.
  9. Perfect Fit: Designed with a length of 500mm for a precise fit.
  10. Precision Main Journal: 55mm dimension ensures optimal performance.
  11. Accurate Rod Journal: 45mm dimension allows for improved oil flow.
  12. Standard Stroke: Provided in 77.4mm or 84mm options to suit various engine configurations.
  13. Lightweight: Weighs only 15kg, improving engine response.
  14. Easy Installation: Designed for easy, hassle-free installation.
  15. Application-Specific: Designed specifically for Honda B18/B20 engines.
  16. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Engine efficiency is enhanced through precision design.
  17. Heat Resistant: Forged steel material is resistant to heat, extending lifespan.
  18. Enhanced Stability: Improves engine stability under high RPM.
  19. Reduced Engine Wear: Design reduces wear on other engine parts.
  20. Increased Torque: Improved crankshaft design increases engine torque.


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