Connecting Rod Volvo B5204 / B5234 / B5254


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The Connecting Rod for Volvo B5204/B5234/B5254 is a high-quality component made from robust alloy steel. It fits these specific Volvo engine models and transfers the pistons’ reciprocating motion into rotating motion in the crankshaft. This product is customizable in size and ensures optimal performance and longevity. It strikes a balance between strength and weight, providing smooth engine operation.

Connecting Rod Volvo B5204 / B5234 / B5254

The Connecting Rod for Volvo B5204/B5234/B5254 is a crucial component designed to withstand rigorous engine operations. This top-notch product ensures excellent performance, reliability, and long service life, optimally connecting the piston to the crankshaft and transforming reciprocating motion into rotating motion.


Specification Details
Material High-grade Alloy Steel
Application Volvo B5204/B5234/B5254 Engines
Engine Number B5204 / B5234 / B5254
Size Customizable (Standard length: 150mm)
Diameter Customizable (Standard: 54mm)
Weight Approximately 620g
Bolt Size Customizable (Standard: 8mm)
Centre Distance Customizable (Standard: 110mm)

Connecting Rod drawing


  1. Durable Material: Crafted from high-grade alloy steel for robustness.
  2. Engine Compatibility: Fits Volvo B5204, B5234, and B5254 engines.
  3. Customizable Size: Size can be tailored to your specific needs.
  4. Precise Engineering: Ensures optimal engine performance.
  5. Weight Balanced: Around 620g for smooth engine operations.
  6. Dependable Performance: Withstands high pressures and temperatures.
  7. Long Service Life: Engineered for longevity and reliability.
  8. Precision-Made Bolt Size: Customizable for secure connections.
  9. Uniform Centre Distance: Ensures consistent performance.
  10. Robust Design: Protects against engine failure.
  11. Efficient Motion Conversion: For effective engine operations.
  12. Standard Length: 150mm for standard fitment.
  13. Standard Diameter: 54mm offering reliable fitting.
  14. Improved Stress Handling: Due to high-grade materials.
  15. Easy Installation: Simplified design for quick assembly.
  16. High Load Capacity: Supports engine’s operational demands.
  17. Reliable Under Extremes: Performs under high-stress situations.
  18. Minimized Vibration: For smoother engine function.
  19. Reduced Friction: To enhance engine efficiency.
  20. Rust-Resistant: Resilient to corrosion for a longer lifespan.


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