Connecting Rod Volvo 2.3 20v B5234 (C70/T5)


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The Connecting Rod for Volvo 2.3 20v B5234 (C70/T5) is a high-quality component, precisely engineered from alloy steel for maximum durability. This rod enhances power transmission and engine reliability. It fits perfectly with the Volvo 2.3 20v B5234 engine, improving performance and reducing friction. Its design allows for customization, ensuring optimal compatibility and efficiency.

Connecting Rod Volvo 2.3 20v B5234 (C70/T5)

Experience superior performance with the Connecting Rod for Volvo 2.3 20v B5234 (C70/T5). Specifically designed for enhanced durability and strength, this connecting rod ensures efficient power transmission and improved engine reliability.


Feature Specification
Material High-grade alloy steel
Engine Type Volvo 2.3 20v B5234
Length 150mm
Big End Diameter 55mm
Small End Diameter 22mm
Weight 620 grams
Application C70/T5
Customization Available

Connecting Rod Volvo 2.3 20v B5234 (C70/T5) drawing


  1. Enhanced Durability: Made of high-grade alloy steel, ensuring long-term use.
  2. Efficient Power Transmission: Precise design maximizes energy efficiency.
  3. Engine Compatibility: Specifically designed for the Volvo 2.3 20v B5234 engine.
  4. Improved Performance: Enhances overall engine performance by reducing friction.
  5. Customizable Length: Length can be tailored to specific needs.
  6. Precision Engineered: Perfectly fits the C70/T5, minimizing engine noise.
  7. Improved Reliability: Strengthens engine performance, reducing the risk of engine failure.
  8. Optimized Weight: Weighs only 620 grams, ensuring optimal engine speed.
  9. Consistent Performance: Performs consistently even under high stress conditions.
  10. Superior Strength: Designed to resist high pressures without deformation.
  11. Heat Resistance: Can withstand high temperatures without losing its integrity.
  12. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Reduces engine load, leading to better fuel efficiency.
  13. Easy Installation: Simplified design ensures easy and quick installation.
  14. Big End Diameter: The big end diameter of 55mm provides superior strength.
  15. Small End Diameter: The small end diameter of 22mm ensures precise fit.
  16. Corrosion Resistance: Alloy steel construction resists corrosion and wear.
  17. Engine Noise Reduction: Reduces engine noise, ensuring a smooth ride.
  18. Optimized Design: Design optimized for improved torque and horsepower.
  19. Maintenance Ease: Easy to clean and maintain, extending the part’s lifespan.
  20. Versatile Application: Perfect for both everyday use and high-performance applications.


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