Forged Crankshaft Race Series for Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM (190100)


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The Forged Crankshaft Race Series for Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM (190100) is a high-performance crankshaft made from forged steel. Its robust design, optimized dimensions, and compatibility with Evo 4-9 and 7-Bolt DSM engines make it perfect for professional racing applications.

Forged Crankshaft Race Series for Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM (190100)

The Forged Crankshaft Race Series for Evo 4-9 & 7-Bolt DSM (190100) offers superior durability and performance. Its forging process ensures higher resistance to wear and fatigue, making it the ideal choice for high-performance applications.


Feature Specification
Material Forged Steel
Engine Fit Evo 4-9, 7-Bolt DSM
Customizable Size Yes
Length 500 mm
Main Journal Diameter 60 mm
Rod Journal Diameter 45 mm
Stroke 75 mm

Crankshaft drawing


  1. Optimal Length: Designed with a length of 500mm, balancing performance and compactness.
  2. Ideal Diameter: Main Journal Diameter of 60mm ensures maximum power transmission.
  3. Optimized Stroke: With a stroke of 75mm, it optimizes power output and efficiency.
  4. Superior Material: Forged steel construction ensures durability and strength.
  5. Engine Compatibility: Specially designed for Evo 4-9 and 7-Bolt DSM engines.
  6. Tailored Dimensions: This crankshaft is customizable to fit your specific requirements.
  7. High Load Bearing: Crafted to withstand high pressure and RPMs.
  8. Fatigue Resistance: Forging process provides superior fatigue resistance.
  9. Performance Tuned: Tuned for optimal performance in high-demand conditions.
  10. Robust Design: The crankshaft exhibits a robust design, sustaining heavy-duty use.
  11. Efficient Power Transfer: The design ensures efficient power transfer, enhancing vehicle performance.
  12. Precise Fit: Each crankshaft is precision-engineered for a perfect fit.
  13. High Wear Resistance: Engineered with high wear resistance, extending product lifespan.
  14. Performance Upgrade: Ideal for upgrading your vehicle’s engine performance.
  15. Professional Grade: This is a professional-grade product, ensuring high-quality performance.
  16. Improved Torque: Optimized for improved torque delivery in all RPM ranges.
  17. Enhanced Stability: Provides enhanced stability, even in high-speed operations.
  18. Thermal Tolerance: Exceptional thermal tolerance, reducing the risk of overheating.
  19. Balanced Operation: It ensures a balanced operation, reducing engine vibrations.
  20. Dependable Durability: With its forged steel, this crankshaft offers dependable durability.


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