Forged Crankshaft for 4G63 7-Bolt Evo/DSM


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The Forged Crankshaft for 4G63 7-Bolt Evo/DSM is a precision-engineered product designed to boost your engine’s performance. This high-quality forged steel crankshaft increases efficiency, power, and longevity. It’s perfectly suited for the 4G63 engine, with customization options available.

Forged Crankshaft for 4G63 7-Bolt Evo/DSM

This Forged Crankshaft for the 4G63 7-Bolt Evo/DSM is crafted with precision to enhance your engine’s performance. It’s designed to increase the efficiency and power of your 4G63 engine while providing the longevity and reliability that forged materials offer.


Parameters Specification
Material Forged Steel
Engine Model 4G63 7-Bolt Evo/DSM
Main Journal Diameter 60.00 mm
Rod Journal Diameter 49.96 mm
Stroke 88.00 mm
Crankshaft Length 650.00 mm
Weight 22.00 kg
Customization Available

Note: These specifications are exemplary. Actual dimensions might vary as per customization needs.

Crankshaft drawing


  1. High-Quality Forged Steel: Ensures a high level of durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  2. Engine Specific Design: Specifically crafted for the 4G63 7-Bolt Evo/DSM engine.
  3. Increased Stroke: 88.00 mm stroke promotes better torque and performance.
  4. Precision Manufacturing: Guarantees a perfect fit and improved performance.
  5. Improved Longevity: Resilient to high pressure and temperature conditions.
  6. Optimal Weight: At 22.00 kg, it provides ideal balance and minimizes vibrations.
  7. Increased Efficiency: Enhances engine’s power and efficiency.
  8. Main Journal Diameter: 60.00 mm diameter ensures stability and alignment.
  9. Rod Journal Diameter: 49.96 mm diameter for proper rod bearing rotation.
  10. Length of Crankshaft: 650.00 mm for improved balance and power transmission.
  11. Customizable Dimensions: Can be tailored according to your specific requirements.
  12. Resistance to Distortion: Forged Steel offers strong resistance against twisting and bending.
  13. Balanced Design: Reduces engine vibration and promotes smoother operation.
  14. Perfect Fit: Designed to install seamlessly in the 4G63 7-Bolt Evo/DSM engine.
  15. Reduced Friction: Engineered for minimal friction, promoting longer lifespan.
  16. Superior Strength: Forged material provides superior strength and reliability.
  17. High Heat Tolerance: Suitable for high-performance applications.
  18. High Rigidity: Withstands high rotational speeds without deformation.
  19. Quality Assurance: Thoroughly inspected and tested for top performance.
  20. Professional Application: Ideal for professional car modifications and high-performance applications.


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