Crankshaft Mitsubishi EVO 9


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The Crankshaft for the Mitsubishi EVO 9, crafted from high-grade steel alloy, maximizes engine performance. Its robust build offers extended longevity and its precision design ensures optimal engine efficiency. Customizable to fit various engine setups, it’s the ideal component for your 4G63 engine.

Crankshaft Mitsubishi EVO 9

The Crankshaft for the Mitsubishi EVO 9 is a precision engineered component, tailored to optimize engine performance. Its robust build enhances longevity, while the meticulous design guarantees optimal engine efficiency.


Feature Description
Material High-grade steel alloy
Application Mitsubishi EVO 9 Engine
Engine Code 4G63
Length 630 mm
Diameter 75 mm
Weight 15 kg
Customizable Yes, subject to conditions

Crankshaft Mitsubishi EVO 9 drawing


  1. High-grade steel alloy: Ensures durability and resistance to wear.
  2. Precision engineering: Tailored to maximize engine performance.
  3. Robust build: Enhances longevity of the component.
  4. Optimized design: Guarantees optimal engine efficiency.
  5. 630mm length: Offers ideal leverage for smooth engine operation.
  6. 75mm diameter: Ensures perfect fit and firm placement.
  7. 15kg weight: Ideal weight for balanced crankshaft rotation.
  8. Suitable for 4G63 engine code: Guarantees compatibility with Mitsubishi EVO 9.
  9. Customizable dimensions: Provides flexibility for various engine setups.
  10. Balanced crank throws: Reduces engine vibration for smooth operation.
  11. Tapered ends: Minimize crankshaft flex and maximize power transfer.
  12. Heat-treated: Enhances material strength and extends lifespan.
  13. Superior surface finish: Minimizes friction and heat build-up.
  14. Quality Control Passed: Meets rigorous quality standards.
  15. Easy installation: No specialized tools required.
  16. Drilled oil passages: Ensures proper lubrication.
  17. Reduced friction: Boosts engine power and efficiency.
  18. Reduced weight: Improves rotational balance and acceleration.
  19. Greater torque: Enhanced engine power output at low to mid RPM range.
  20. Extended engine life: Minimizes wear and tear, thus prolonging engine life.


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