Crankshaft Fiat 1.6L Turbo Ritmo / Punto 1.9L Stroker


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The FEDA Crankshaft for Fiat 1.6L Turbo Ritmo/Punto 1.9L Stroker, designed for turbocharged engines, offers optimal torque transfer, robust performance, and high longevity. Its precise design accommodates customization, ensuring perfect alignment and superior performance in various driving conditions.

Crankshaft Fiat 1.6L Turbo Ritmo / Punto 1.9L Stroker

The FEDA Crankshaft for Fiat 1.6L Turbo Ritmo/Punto 1.9L Stroker is a meticulously engineered component designed to enhance performance and longevity. This robust, high-precision crankshaft is ideal for turbocharged applications, providing robust and reliable torque transfer. The product can be customized according to customer’s specific requirements.


Specification Detail
Material Forged/Billet Crankshaft
Engine Code Fiat 1.6L Turbo Ritmo/Punto 1.9L Stroker
Customization Available
Brand FEDA
Length XX mm
Diameter XX mm
Stroke XX mm
Weight XX kg

All dimensions can be customized according to customer requirements.

Crankshaft Fiat 1.6L Turbo Ritmo / Punto 1.9L Stroker drawing


  1. High-Precision Engineering: Designed with an accuracy within XX micrometers, ensuring perfect alignment and performance.
  2. Strong Material Construction: Crafted from forged or billet materials for superior strength and durability.
  3. Ideal for Turbocharged Applications: Specially engineered for Fiat 1.6L Turbo Ritmo/Punto 1.9L Stroker engines.
  4. Optimal Torque Transfer: Delivers efficient and reliable torque transfer for improved vehicle performance.
  5. Increased Longevity: Withstand high stresses, resulting in a longer engine lifespan.
  6. Enhanced Balance: The careful design ensures excellent crankshaft balance, reducing engine vibration.
  7. Customizable Size: Offers personalized size customization to meet various engine requirements.
  8. Reduced Friction: Designed to reduce friction and minimize heat generation, leading to improved efficiency.
  9. Optimized Weight: Delivers the ideal weight for better engine response and acceleration.
  10. Superior Heat Resistance: Withstand high temperature conditions in turbocharged applications.
  11. Easy Installation: Designed for an effortless fit into the Fiat engine, reducing installation time.
  12. Performance Enhancement: Noticeably improves overall vehicle performance and efficiency.
  13. Dependable Operation: Provides reliable performance even under demanding driving conditions.
  14. Harmonized Component Interaction: Ensures smooth interactions with other engine components.
  15. Precision Stroke Design: Optimal stroke length for maximum power output.
  16. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Contributes to better fuel economy due to optimized engine operation.
  17. Robust Construction: The crankshaft’s robustness ensures it can withstand intense driving demands.
  18. Enhanced Engine Responsiveness: The optimized design improves engine responsiveness for an invigorating driving experience.
  19. Boosted Power Output: Increases engine power output due to improved torque transfer.
  20. Eco-Friendly: By improving engine efficiency, contributes to reduced emissions for a more eco-friendly operation.


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