Crankshaft BMW 3.0L M3 S50B30 (E36)


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The FEDA Crankshaft for BMW 3.0L M3 S50B30 (E36) is a high-performance engine component, available in both forged and billet options. It provides exceptional strength and balance, enhancing your vehicle’s performance. With a customizable dimension, it accommodates diverse needs for personalized engine builds.

Crankshaft BMW 3.0L M3 S50B30 (E36)

Indulge in high-performance engineering with the Crankshaft for BMW 3.0L M3 S50B30 (E36), by FEDA. Carefully crafted for precision, it delivers outstanding torque and engine balance, enhancing your vehicle’s overall performance. Available in both forged and billet versions, our Crankshaft is perfect for custom builds, ensuring optimal functionality.


Parameter Specification
Application BMW 3.0L M3 S50B30 (E36)
Brand FEDA
Material Options Forged, Billet Crankshaft
Engine Code S50B30
Customizable Dimension Yes
Stock Stroke 91.3mm
Stock Rod Length 139mm
Main Journal Diameter 60mm
Rod Journal Diameter 53mm
Weight Approx. 20 kg

Crankshaft BMW 3.0L M3 S50B30 (E36) drawing


  1. Superior Strength: Our Crankshaft offers exceptional strength, ensuring durability and longevity.
  2. Precision Machining: Ensures perfect balance and torque delivery.
  3. Forged Option: Offers increased durability and improved heat dissipation.
  4. Billet Option: Allows for excellent customization and versatility.
  5. Optimal Weight: Engineered to maintain an optimal weight, contributing to engine balance.
  6. Customizable Dimension: Accommodates diverse needs for personalized engine builds.
  7. Specific Application: Made specifically for BMW 3.0L M3 S50B30 (E36), ensuring a perfect fit.
  8. Improved Performance: Helps improve horsepower and engine efficiency.
  9. Heat Treatment: Ensures maximum hardness and resistance to wear.
  10. Expertly Crafted: Made with precision to guarantee smooth operation.
  11. Enhanced Torque: Improves torque delivery for better performance.
  12. Easy Installation: Engineered for easy and straightforward installation.
  13. Balanced Design: Reduces engine vibration, contributing to smoother operation.
  14. High-Quality Material: Guarantees superior performance and durability.
  15. Premium Brand: Manufactured by FEDA, a trusted name in the industry.
  16. Perfect Stroke: Stock stroke of 91.3mm ensures optimal performance.
  17. Perfect Rod Length: The stock rod length of 139mm offers improved balance.
  18. Main Journal Diameter: Offers a main journal diameter of 60mm for perfect fitment.
  19. Rod Journal Diameter: The rod journal diameter of 53mm ensures proper clearance.
  20. Ideal Weight: Approximately 20 kg, adding just the right amount of weight to your engine.


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