Crankshaft BMW 2.5L M3 S14B25 Stroker 2.6L


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The FEDA Crankshaft for BMW 2.5L M3 S14B25 Stroker 2.6L boosts engine performance. Made from forged or billet materials, it improves horsepower and torque while offering superior durability. It’s a perfect fit for S14B25 engines, with customizable dimensions available to meet your specific needs.

Crankshaft BMW 2.5L M3 S14B25 Stroker 2.6L

The FEDA Crankshaft for BMW 2.5L M3 S14B25 Stroker 2.6L offers remarkable performance and durability. Expertly designed for high-rpm engines, this crankshaft provides unmatched stability and efficiency. Available in both forged and billet materials, it ensures excellent resistance to wear and tear.


Parameter Details
Brand FEDA
Application BMW 2.5L M3 S14B25 Stroker 2.6L
Engine Code S14B25
Material Forged/Billet Crankshaft
Length Customizable
Weight Customizable
Main Journal Diameter Customizable
Rod Journal Diameter Customizable
Stroke Length Customizable

Crankshaft BMW 2.5L M3 S14B25 Stroker 2.6L drawing


  1. Superior Material: Crafted from either forged or billet materials for enhanced durability.
  2. Custom Fit: Specifically designed for BMW 2.5L M3 S14B25 Stroker 2.6L engines.
  3. Enhanced Performance: Increases horsepower and torque for more power on demand.
  4. Engine Compatibility: Perfect match for S14B25 engine code.
  5. Resistance: Offers exceptional resistance to wear and tear.
  6. Improved Stability: Provides greater stability during high-rpm operations.
  7. Precision Engineering: Allows for optimal alignment and smooth operation.
  8. High Efficiency: Reduces engine stress, increasing overall efficiency.
  9. Quality Assurance: Meets or exceeds OEM standards.
  10. Customizable Dimensions: Length, weight, and diameters can be tailored to your needs.
  11. Robust Construction: Ensures long-lasting performance.
  12. Reduced Friction: Minimizes rotational friction for smoother operation.
  13. Vibration Damping: Reduces engine vibration for improved driving comfort.
  14. Thermal Stability: Handles high-temperature operations with ease.
  15. Enhanced Balance: Perfectly balanced for reduced engine strain.
  16. Greater Fuel Efficiency: Enhances fuel economy due to less engine stress.
  17. Versatile Application: Suits both stock and modified engine builds.
  18. Easy Installation: Designed for straightforward installation process.
  19. Superior Lubrication: Promotes better oil flow through the engine.
  20. Reliable Brand: Manufactured by FEDA, a trusted name in the automotive industry.


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