Connecting Rod Watercraft Sea Doo 1500 RXP / RXT


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The Connecting Rod for Watercraft Sea Doo 1500 RXP/RXT, made from high-strength steel, significantly improves your watercraft’s engine performance. Engineered specifically for Sea Doo models, it guarantees an exact fit. This connecting rod enhances engine efficiency, reduces vibrations, and ensures longevity. Customizable sizes are available upon request.

Connecting Rod Watercraft Sea Doo 1500 RXP / RXT

The Connecting Rod for Watercraft Sea Doo 1500 RXP/RXT is a precision-engineered part, designed to ensure optimal performance and longevity for your sea vehicle. This robust component links the piston to the crankshaft, contributing to the smooth operation of your watercraft’s engine.


Feature Detail
Material High-strength Steel
Application Sea Doo 1500 RXP/RXT
Engine Number #XYZ1234
Rod Length 150 mm
Big End Diameter 52 mm
Small End Diameter 22 mm
Rod Bolt Diameter 7.9 mm
Custom Size Available upon request

Connecting Rod drawing


  1. High-quality Material: Crafted from high-strength steel for superior durability.
  2. Precision Engineered: Guarantees an exact fit for Sea Doo 1500 RXP/RXT.
  3. Optimized for Performance: Enhances engine efficiency and power output.
  4. Robust Construction: Ensures resistance to wear and high-stress conditions.
  5. Perfectly Balanced: Promotes smooth engine operations and reduced vibration.
  6. Extended Lifespan: Designed for longevity, providing excellent value.
  7. Specific Engine Compatibility: Ideal for engine number #XYZ1234.
  8. Accurate Rod Length: Measures 150 mm for perfect fit and function.
  9. Ideal Big End Diameter: At 52 mm, ensures excellent fit and performance.
  10. Small End Diameter Precision: With 22 mm, guarantees optimal performance.
  11. Correct Rod Bolt Diameter: 7.9 mm for secure, tight assembly.
  12. Customizable: Available with customized dimensions as per client needs.
  13. Heat Resistance: Designed to withstand high engine temperatures.
  14. Corrosion-resistant: Steel construction prevents rust and corrosion.
  15. Reduced Engine Noise: Contributes to quieter operation.
  16. High Load Capacity: Capable of handling high pressure and loads.
  17. Increased Stability: Ensures stable engine functioning in rough sea conditions.
  18. Ease of Installation: Designed for quick and easy installation.
  19. Eco-friendly: Manufactured with processes that minimize environmental impact.
  20. Quality Assured: Each rod undergoes rigorous quality checks before dispatch.


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