Connecting Rod VW 1.4L / 1.6L Polo 144mm x 17mm


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The Connecting Rod VW 1.4L / 1.6L Polo 144mm x 17mm, expertly crafted from premium alloy steel, offers superior performance for VW Polo engines. With precise fitment, optimal load distribution, and excellent resistance to harsh conditions, this rod contributes to enhanced engine power and efficiency. Customizable sizes add extra convenience for tailored engine requirements.

Connecting Rod VW 1.4L / 1.6L Polo 144mm x 17mm

The Connecting Rod VW 1.4L / 1.6L Polo 144mm x 17mm is a robust and high-performance product, specifically designed for the VW 1.4L and 1.6L Polo engines. This crucial component is crafted from top-quality materials for exceptional strength and longevity, providing superior engine functionality.


Property Specification
Material Premium Grade Alloy Steel
Application VW 1.4L / 1.6L Polo Engines
Engine Code 1.4L/1.6L
Rod Length 144mm
Big End Diameter 17mm
Custom Sizes Available upon request

Connecting Rod drawing


  1. Precision-Crafted Design: Ensures optimal performance and precise fit within VW 1.4L/1.6L engines.
  2. Premium Alloy Steel: Offers superior durability and longevity compared to standard materials.
  3. 144mm Rod Length: Perfect for engines requiring this specific dimension.
  4. 17mm Big End Diameter: Designed to accommodate standard sizes in VW Polo engines.
  5. Heat-Treated: For enhanced hardness and wear-resistance.
  6. Corrosion-Resistant: Withstands harsh engine conditions for extended periods.
  7. Customizable Sizes: Tailor-made connecting rods based on individual requirements.
  8. Optimal Load Distribution: Promotes efficient energy transfer within the engine.
  9. Smooth Surface Finish: Minimizes friction for enhanced engine performance.
  10. Lightweight Design: Reduces engine load for better fuel efficiency.
  11. Enhanced Rigidity: Protects against deformation under high loads.
  12. Superior Endurance: Ensures longevity even under extreme conditions.
  13. Exceptional Strength: Capable of withstanding high torque and RPMs.
  14. Precision-Machined Bores: Ensures accurate alignment and installation.
  15. Balanced Weight Distribution: Facilitates smooth engine operation.
  16. Robust Architecture: Ensures resistance to cracking and breaking.
  17. Improved Performance: Boosts engine power and efficiency.
  18. Extended Lifespan: Withstands extended periods of intensive use.
  19. Easy Installation: Designed for quick and straightforward setup.
  20. Maintenance-Free: Requires minimal maintenance for maximum convenience.


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