Connecting Rod Opel 2.0L GT Turbo VXR (LNF)


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The Connecting Rod Opel 2.0L GT Turbo VXR (LNF) is a superior quality component, precision-engineered from high-grade chrome-moly steel. It delivers enhanced engine performance through weight optimization and precision machining. The product includes unique features like heat treatment, corrosion resistance, and an improved lubrication system.


The Connecting Rod Opel 2.0L GT Turbo VXR (LNF) is a highly robust, precision-engineered component, designed to optimize engine performance and longevity. Its strength and light-weight construction offer improved power and efficiency for high-speed applications.


  1. High Strength: Manufactured from high-grade 4340 EN24 chrome-moly steel for superior durability.
  2. Weight Optimization: Designed for optimal weight, facilitating better engine balance and response.
  3. Heat Treated: Heat treated to 34-38 HRC, ensuring robust performance in extreme conditions.
  4. Precision Machining: CNC machined to ± 0.01 mm tolerance for perfect alignment and fit.
  5. Bolt Quality: Fitted with 3/8″ ARP 2000 bolts, offering superior tensile strength.
  6. Balanced Set: Sold in a balanced set to minimize vibrations and increase engine lifespan.
  7. Rigorous Testing: Each rod is 100% magnaflux inspected and individually proof-tested.
  8. Efficient Design: Reduces rotational mass and increases throttle response.
  9. Improved Lubrication: Features a doweled cap for precise alignment and oil retention.
  10. Compatibility: Designed specifically for the Opel 2.0L GT Turbo VXR (LNF) engine.
  11. Corrosion Resistance: Finished with anti-corrosion coating for increased longevity.
  12. Improved Performance: Enhances the engine’s RPM capabilities and overall performance.
  13. Quality Assured: Each set comes with a quality assurance certificate.
  14. Installation Ready: Ready to install straight out of the box, no additional machining required.
  15. Weight Tolerance: Weight matched to +/- 1 gram for perfect engine balance.
  16. Profiled Edges: Features profiled edges for increased crankshaft rotation efficiency.
  17. Enhanced Torque: Capable of withstanding up to 600HP of torque for high-performance engines.
  18. Custom Options: Custom options available for unique engine requirements.
  19. Cost-Effective: High durability and performance at a competitive price.
  20. Customer Support: Comprehensive customer support and warranty included.

Connecting Rod Opel 2.0L GT Turbo VXR (LNF) drawing


Dimensions Size
Center to Center Length 144 mm
Big End Bore Diameter 55.60 mm
Big End Width 24.90 mm
Small End Bore Diameter 23.01 mm
Small End Width 23.01 mm
Average Unit Weight 510 g

Please note, these are standard specifications. Custom sizes are available upon request.


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