Connecting Rod Honda B18A / B18B / B20


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The connecting rod for Honda B18A / B18B / B20 offers superior performance and durability. Made from high-strength Chromoly steel, it exhibits excellent resistance to stress and fatigue. Designed with precision, it guarantees a perfect fit for the specified Honda engines. An ideal upgrade for high-performance applications.


  1. High-Quality Material: Made from high-strength 4340 Chromoly steel.
  2. Excellent Strength: Able to handle extreme pressure and loads.
  3. Robust Design: Features H-beam design for added rigidity.
  4. Precision Machined: Ensures consistent dimensions and weight.
  5. Light Weight: Less rotational mass for improved engine response.
  6. Optimal Length: Standard rod length of 5.394” for Honda B18A/B18B/B20 engines.
  7. Heat-Treated: Provides outstanding durability and longevity.
  8. Proven Performance: Ensures optimal engine output and efficiency.
  9. Bolt Strength: Comes with 3/8″ ARP 2000 bolts for secure connection.
  10. Great Fit: Designed specifically for Honda B18A, B18B, and B20 engines.
  11. High Tolerance: Manufactured to within 0.0001” of spec.
  12. Balanced Set: Each set balanced to +/- 1 gram.
  13. Optimal Clearances: Provides proper piston-to-wall clearance.
  14. Durability Assured: Excellent resistance to fatigue under high RPM.
  15. Performance Upgrade: Ideal for high-performance and racing applications.
  16. Engine Compatibility: Matches Honda’s high-revving, inline-four design.
  17. Quality Assured: Rigorously tested for unmatched reliability.
  18. Smooth Operation: Reduces strain on the crankshaft.
  19. Increased Efficiency: Minimizes energy loss in power transmission.
  20. Direct Replacement: Can be swapped with factory rods with no modification.


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