Connecting Rod Honda B16A HD Series


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The Connecting Rod Honda B16A HD Series is a high-quality component, forged from durable 4340 Chromoly steel. This series offers precision machining, superior tolerance, and an advanced H-beam design. It has been tested for endurance and optimized for high-speed applications. It includes high-strength fasteners and is suitable for turbocharged applications, providing enhanced engine performance.


  1. High-strength material: Made from durable 4340 Chromoly steel.
  2. Quality forging: Forged for superior strength.
  3. Precision machined: Ensures exacting tolerances.
  4. Advanced design: Features an H-beam design.
  5. Balanced weight: Each rod is weight-matched.
  6. Heat-treated: Provides extreme durability.
  7. Superior tolerance: Rated to 600+ horsepower.
  8. Shot-peened finish: For improved fatigue life.
  9. ARP 2000 bolts: High-strength fasteners included.
  10. Integrated dowel pin: For precise cap location.
  11. Bronze bushings: For floating pin models.
  12. Dimensionally inspected: Guarantees accuracy.
  13. Silicone/bronze pin bushings: Enhances durability.
  14. Optimized weight: Minimizes rotating mass.
  15. Long-lasting performance: Tested for endurance.
  16. High-speed capability: Designed for high-RPM.
  17. Improved oil flow: Drilled rod bolts.
  18. Boost-capable: Suitable for turbocharged applications.
  19. Increased torque capacity: Enhances engine performance.
  20. Direct fit: Specifically designed for B16A engines.


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