Connecting Rod for Mini Cooper 1.6L R56 Turbo (EP6)


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This set of connecting rods for Mini Cooper 1.6L R56 Turbo (EP6) is designed to deliver superior performance and durability. Made of high-grade material and precisely engineered, these rods ensure optimal engine efficiency while ensuring the longevity of your vehicle’s heart.


  1. High-Quality Material: Manufactured from 4340 forged steel for added strength and longevity.
  2. Precision Engineered: Machined to precise specifications for optimal performance.
  3. Reduced Friction: Crafted to minimize friction and wear, increasing engine life.
  4. Weight Optimized: Lightweight design promotes efficiency and better engine response.
  5. Enhanced Durability: Rigorously tested to withstand high torque and pressure.
  6. Compatible Design: Specifically made for Mini Cooper 1.6L R56 Turbo (EP6).
  7. Heat Treated: Ensures maximum hardness and strength.
  8. Shot Peened: Increases fatigue strength, improving reliability.
  9. Size Accuracy: Conforms to stringent size and dimension specifications.
  10. Easy Installation: Designed for a straightforward install process.
  11. Optimal Length: Perfectly measured for Mini Cooper 1.6L R56 Turbo.
  12. Perfect Fit: Ensures a secure, snug fit for peak performance.
  13. Balance Optimized: Designed for balance and smooth engine operation.
  14. Quality Assured: Passed rigorous quality control processes.
  15. Wear Resistant: Designed to resist wear under heavy load conditions.
  16. Engine Efficiency: Helps maintain optimal engine power output.
  17. Enhanced Performance: Ensures better engine performance during high RPM.
  18. Improved Fuel Efficiency: Helps improve overall vehicle fuel economy.
  19. Reliable Operation: Consistent performance under various conditions.
  20. Extended Lifespan: Built to prolong the lifespan of your engine.


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